Trails and the Hikers that Love Them v2016

This post is intended to give you a taste of each trail.  I tried to mix in videos from this year and years past when possible.  You will probably find channels with better video quality, content and give a better viewer experience of the trail.  But if you do that means I have at least peaked your interest.  My hope is that you see new trails and get outside to experience them.  Enjoy!

Thank you infinite scroll ! ! !

Continental Divide Trail

Sam Acko – Started mid April.


Joe Brewer – 2015 thru hike.  Follow along on the last leg of a journey to the triple crown.


John Zahorian – 2015 thru hike.  John’s videos are the intersection of vlog and art.


Pacific Crest Trail

Steve Cossin – Started April 22nd.  Finished September 19th.


Neemor’s World – SOBO.  Started mid July.  Finished mid November.


Joe Brewer – 2014 thru hike.


Desert Trail

Buck Nelson – 2012 hike from March 1 to July 11th.


Appalachian Trail

Alpenglow – Started March 17th. Finished July 5th.


Yamaneko Hikes –   Started early April.  Finished August 16th.  Watch this if you want a different take on a hiking blog.


Craig M – Started early March.  Finished mid August.


Gator Miller – 2015 thru hike.  A vlog with personality as big as the trail . . . see ya later, bye.


Will Wood – 2014 thru hike.  Redbeard took vlogging the AT to another level.


Loner2012AT – 2012 thru hike.  Loner is the patron saint of encouragement for AT hikers.


FM Hikes – 2012 thru hike.  FM brings those around him into our living rooms like no one else can.


Florida Trail

Chris Berry  – Hiked from early January to April.  He hiked the Appalachian Trail this year     as well.


Abigail Chambers – 2016 thru hike video compilation.


Pacific Northwest Trail

SeattleSirHikesALot – 2014 thru hike.

Hayduke Trail

Predictably Lost


Brian Dickson – 2014 thru hike.

Arizona Trail

Karrie Kressler – honeymoon thru hike.


Kywalker – 2016 thru hike.


Zach Mullennix – 2015 thru hike.


Mike Henrick – March 16 – May 12, 2015 thru hike with his daughter.



Grand Enchantment Trail

SeattleSirHikesALot – 2015 thru hike.


Colorado Trail

Robbie Manta


David Halterman


Benton MacKaye Trail

Evan’s Backpacking Videos – 2016 thru hike


AO2143 – 2015 section hike.


Superior Hiking Trail

Will Wood – 2016 thru hike with TeamZpacks.  When Redbeard releases a video on a trail you know it is going to be good.


352hillbilly – 2016 thru hike.


Fronkey Outdoors – 2012 thru hike with some pizzaz.


Sheltowee Trace Trail

FinalMyle – multi part video series




Long Trail

Tall Joe – 2016 thru hike.


Lawless – 2014 thru hike.  2 hours of the Long Trail!

Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail

Eric Moll – A compilation of scenes from the trail.


Ozark Highlands Trail

Somewhereonthetrail – 2015 thru hike


TheXCcrow – 2014 thru hike

Sierra High Route

Ehsan Ganji – 2016 thru hike.


Austin Lillywhite – 2015 thru hike.


Andrew Skurka – here is one from way back.


Mason-Dixon Trail

SurvivorDan – short compilation video.


Cumberland Trail

Don Deakins – take a tour of the trail.


River to River Trail

Chad Wesselman – (noticeably awkward cough) . . . check this guy out.  The River to River Trail is my “home” turf and where I started a love for hiking.


Scott Hayden – Spiffyguy did a lot of research on the R2R trail.  I watched his videos during my research of the trail.  He has since focused on to the Ozark Trail.


Wonderland Trail

Robert Mason – 2016 thru hike.


Dennis Lee – 2016 family thru hike.



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