CDT, PCT, AT etc v2017 (Trails and the Hikers that Love Them)

This post is intended to give you a taste of each trail.  You will probably find channels with better video quality, content and give a better viewer experience of the trail.  But if you do, that means I have at least peaked your interest to look for more.  My hope is that you see new trails and get outside to experience them.  Enjoy!

Be ready to scrrrrrrrrrrrolllllllllll ! ! !

Continental Divide Trail

Tim Bloemendaal – A nice summary video of Tim’s 2017 thru hike.  Other 2017 videos include adventure on the Kings Canyon High Basin Route and the Lowest to Highest Route.  Also check out his 2016 AT video on his channel.


Dylan Ivens – This is a very well put together 40 minute summary video of Dylan’s adventure on the CDT in 2016.


Dan Binde – Short video montage of a very long journey in 2016 thru hiking the CDT and Great Divide Trail.

jeanella2 – I ran across this video about a keynote address and documentary of a 1978 thru hike.



Pacific Crest Trail

Juliana Chauncey – She has kept a lot of good information flowing with post hike videos.  If you were wondering about PCT resupply spots check out the video on her channel.


Homemade Wanderlust – A big production went into this big hike.  Dixie covers the questions asked by future PCT thru hikers in her pre and post hike videos.


Mitch Lenington – Mitch is back at it, this time on the PCT.  Mitch’s trademarks in his videos include a nice commentary that gives us insight into his thoughts during the hike and good scenery.



Appalachian Trail

The Blackalachian – The most I laughed when watching a hiker on the AT.  Whether it was running from snakes or wearing a sombrero, the Blackalachian brought humor to the adventure.  Love & Light!!!


Greeter’s 2017 Thru-Hike – Do a little flip flopping.  Anyone with a tuba in their intro music deserves a 2nd look.


ChrisGoesOutdoors – The amount of post hike videos are astounding.  Future thru hikers take notice.



Florida Trail

GlennTremml – 2017 thru hike.


Michael Daniel – the one and only Lion King on the Florida Trail.  Also, check out his videos from the American Discovery Trail.


Pacific Northwest Trail

Jean-Sebastien Roux – scenes along the trail.


Alex Maier – this video is a presentation about the PNT by its founder.

Here is a documentary of Alex’s hike.


Arizona Trail

Sage Backpacking – nicely done video of the AZT.


Chris Berry – 2017 finds Chris on the AZT.  This is the definitive video series out there on hiking the AZT.


Kevin Graham – short videos during a 2017 hike of the AZT.



Grand Enchantment Trail

UltraPedestrian – GET Yo-Yo attempt by Kathy and Ras.


VFCs Travels – 2017 hike of the Enchantments.


Max Stoffregen – a “quick and dirty guide” to the GET.


Colorado Trail

John Zahorian – how about a FKT with JohnZon the Colorado Trail from 2017?


Quentin Cui – a nice video with clips from each segment of a 2017 thru hike set to music.


Friendly Hiker – documentary style video of hiking the Colorado Trail.



Pinhoti Trail

AO2143 – 2016 hike of the Pinhoti, section by section.



Benton MacKaye Trail

FinalMyle – Adventure on the BMT in 2017.



John Muir Trail

Follow Bigfoot – the one and the only, Bigfoot on the JMT in 2017.


Julia Cassandra Smith – Here is a different perspective.  The JMT and some of the PCT in 2017 from a channel not devoted to hiking.


Hiking Nerd – Two brothers hiking the JMT in 2017.  What is can I say, NERDS RULE!



Superior Hiking Trail

Outdoor Adventures – 2 hours of videos while hiking the SHT in 2017.  Also check out the pre-hike and post-hike videos.


Wander’n Kevin – 2017 thru hike of the SHT with 19 on trail videos.



Sheltowee Trace Trail

Evan’s Backpacking Videos – Another good series from Evan on a trail that doesn’t get a lot of press.  Evan is preparing for a 2018 thru hike of the AT.


Long Trail

Mama Star and Little Rainbow – Mother and daughter 2017 thru hike of the Long Trail.


hipbone01 – Follow along on this 9 video series of their 2017 thru hike.



Ozark Highlands Trail

J. Hikesalot – Thru hike from December 2016.


Sierra High Route

Anthony Ottati – Short compilation of clips from an August trip on the Sierra High Route.



Mason-Dixon Trail

Dan’s Adventures – Quick montage of 11 section hikes to complete the trail in 2017.



Cumberland Trail

Bryan DeLay – Section of the trail from an after Thanksgiving trip in 2017.


Don Deakins – Take a tour of different trail sections in these 2017 videos.



River to River Trail

Chad Wesselman – Shameless plug for my “home” turf.  “Is this really in Illinois” you ask?  Why yes, yes it is!



Wonderland Trail

TrailForTwo – Vlog style video of their 2017 thru hike with a lot of scenery.


Timothy Kirk – Quite a bit of footage in this 50 minute video about his September thru hike.


Kyle Shaull – Join a boy scout troop on their 2017 thru hike.


Tap Parthasarathy – Pictures from a 2017 thru hike set to jazz.


Take a Hike Photography – Video of a 2014 hike of the trail released in 2017.


Foothills Trail

Blackalachian – What better way to end the year after an AT thru hike than to complete another thru hike.  Blackalachian on the Foothills trail in 2017.


Jay’s on the Trail – Before they hiked the AT, the Jays prepped on the Foothills Trail in 2017.


shugemery – The Hickery Brothers at it again, this time on the Foothills Trail in 2016.

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