Appalachian Trail: Who’s Who on YouTube

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Last Thanksgiving I was contacted by Jeff “Loner” Gray (AT class of 2012 thru hiker) about a project he was putting together.  Loner was coming off the success of his book Painted Blazes.  He wanted me to be a contributor/consultant on a new book.  Loner thought I would bring a different perspective to the project from my work on this blog and my YouTube channel.  He had a huge vision for the project, identify & document YouTube channels showing hikers on the Appalachian Trail (AT).  At the time Loner was busy finding channels and filling in the plethora of information about each one.  He has watched hours upon hours of footage.

After I started helping the title was changed to make it more appealing.  The formatting on each channel was adjusted to allow the reader to more easily digest the information.  The summary at the beginning of each year was reworked to show basic information at a glance.  There were also minor tweaks along the way.  The creative synergy was amazing as we played off each other’s ideas.  The result is nothing short of astounding.

Appalachian Trail Who’s Who on YouTube

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This book consolidates information that is currently spread across hours inside YouTube’s search wormhole and puts it at your fingertips.  It covers hikes from the 1970s to 2013.  You are just a flip of the page away from the information that matters.  The eBook version puts the power of embedded links to work for you.  There is access to over 120 channels just by tapping on a link.

Here are some people that would benefit from the book.

  • Future thru hikers – Why waste hours of research about the trail inside a search box?  “Flip” a page, click a link and repeat.  It is really magical!  Want to see how conditions were for hikers in previous years around your start date?  We got your back.
  • Section hiker – Looking for that first section of the AT to hike or hidden gems for the seasoned section hiker?  Use the book as a gateway to pinpoint the next section for your adventure.
  • Past thru hiker – Want to relive the trail?  Want to catch up on the trail since your hike?  Use the book to launch the nostalgia.
  • AT fan – You aren’t relying on YouTube to recommend the next AT video to watch are you?  Time to come out of the wormhole and rely on a good ole personal recommendation.  If you think you have seen every AT hiking channel, think again.

The only thing left to say is:  ENJOY!

Amazon link:  Appalachian Trail Who’s Who on YouTube

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