We are a family of five who want to get out and enjoy the natural world around us.  We will continue to add content around family hiking, the gear that works for us and random hiking projects that develop.

Max Patch Survey with shoes

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  1. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Like I stated I’m not tech savvy at all…lol I was told this before and for the life of me can not find a discussion tab on his you tube. I will look again tho. In case I am unable to could I give you my email to pass to him? Thank you again

    Mark moore


    1. When you click on his YouTube name it takes you to the Home page of his YouTube channel. Under his picture and his name is a row of “tabs”. The name of each tab is Home – Videos – Playlists – Channels – Discussion – About. If you are not able to find this you can post a comment on one of his videos. He is really active on YouTube. If you do not hear from his in a few days let me know and I can circle back.


      1. Hey just wanted to say thanks. I found it and he responded I like this web site and have saved it as I am following most of these and is a great addition to just searching on youtube


  2. Hi wesselmans,

    I will be attempting my thru hike in 2017. I was wondering if you keep in touch with many former thru hikers. I’m not very tech savvy and have failed miserably at trying to contact a former thru hikers that I viewed all of their videos from their trip. His trail name is loner, or loner2012at. I found his videos very helpful to me as I Invision my trip will greatly mimic his in many aspects and would love to pick his brain.


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