CDT, PCT, AT etc v2018 (Trails and the Hikers that Love Them)

I am back for another year end post to highlight trails in YouTube land.  Queue up the normal disclaimer:  This post is intended to give you a taste of each trail.  You will probably find channels with better video quality, content and give a better viewer experience of the trail.  But if you do, that means I have at least peaked your interest to look for more.  My hope is that you see new trails and get outside to experience them.  Enjoy!

Engage scroll!

Continental Divide Trail

Homemade Wanderlust – TRIPLE CROWN YEAR!!! Watch Dixie hike the Divide to her triple crown.


TheXCcrow – TRIPLE CROWN YEAR!!!  Watch the Crow fly north and into the history books.


Baskets – For a more unique trail experience.


DanDurston – Here is one that I missed last year.  Nice thumbnail font!



Pacific Crest Trail

Stella Joslin – Hike along with Stella and her good vibes on the PCT.


Jay Wanders Out – Nice series of videos of the trail.  Check out his post hike video about finances as well.


Heather Porter – Nice highlight reel of Heather’s hike.


Darwin onthetrail – Darwin cruises the PCT.  His channel produces one of the most prolific quantities of hiking videos on YouTube.  His videos in between  hikes are as entertaining as his videos during hikes?



TheXCcrow – Take a look back at XC’s PCT hike of his Triple Crown.


Homemade Wanderlust – Watch Dixie push through the snow (melt) and finish in Canada.


Appalachian Trail

Evan’s Backpacking Videos – I have been following Evan’s adventures on shorter trails for the last couple years.  His channel was the one I most looked forward to following this year.  He didn’t disappoint!


Fight for Together – One of the most unique thru hikes on YouTube.


Jeremy Crawford – Here is some Southbound action.


TheXCcrow – Find a comfy spot to sit and enjoy going through XC’s AT thru hike from 4 years ago.  Did I mention that he is a TRIPLE CROWNER???


Homemade Wanderlust – Go back to the start of Dixie’s Triple Crown, the AT in 2015.


Florida Trail

Susanne’s Adventure Journal – This video series is well done.  Susanne provides the sights of the trail along with her thoughts as she progresses around Florida.  With almost 100 videos, how can you go wrong!


SodaHikes – 50 minute montage of Soda’s journey.


Pacific Northwest Trail

Free Outside – An episode out of his Great Western Loop adventure.

David Zermeno – 12 minute video that takes us from Glacier to Olympic National Park.  Nicely done!


Arizona Trail

Drew Boysen – A collection of footage about two friends having fun on their hike.

Jordan Braun – How do you fit 800 miles of trail into 4 minutes?  Watch and find out!


Grand Enchantment Trail

Kevin Wells – A fantastic photographic/video journey on the trail.


Colorado Trail

Sarah Ashbaugh – Mother and daughter adventure on the trail.  Nicely done!


John Finefrock – Documentary style view of the trail and a thru hike.


Oregon Coast Trail

Hike with mike Thorne – Before the PCT, Mike hiked the Oregon Coast Trail.


Cleanshave – Watch Cleanshave walk the beaches of the Pacific toward Cali in 2014.


Pinhoti Trail

Darwin onthetrail – The one and only Darwin, heading south for a warmup to the PCT.


John Muir Trail

Khevin Black Toe the Pirate Watterson – Classic vlog style video with a ton of commentary about the location you are seeing.


hipbone01 – Follow Hipbone and MtnGoat for a video series along the JMT.  Heavy on scenery, light on commentary.  Check out the channel for other long distance trails.


Sheltowee Trace Trail

Trails in a Flash – Section hike of the trail over this past year.

Long Trail

Following Readbeard – One of Redbeard’s many adventures in 2018.


Kyle Buckland – It is hard to beat a good hike with your friends.


Loner2012AT – Loner and Joe Fore put some miles in on the Long Trail this year.  Good to see new trail videos from Loner!


Ozark Trail

Follow Bigfoot – Bigfoot sightings this past Spring in Missouri.


Sierra High Route

HurlgoatHiker – Spend 2 hours on trail with this video!  Some channels give you minutes, HurlgoatHiker gives you hours of footage.


River to River Trail

Ben Hikes – Ben shares all aspects of his hike in this nicely done series.


Wonderland Trail

Chad O’Kane – Very cinematic 5 minutes around Mt. Ranier.


Backpacking the PNW – A lot of pictures of the trail set to lively music with Ken Burns effect panning & zooming.


Foothills Trail

Howe’s the Hike – Father and daughters hike the trail with over an hour of footage.


Joe Hikes – Montage of scenes from the foothills.

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