Appalachian Trail Thru Hikers July 2017

In this update we move hikers up to the completed thru hikes list and a lot of hikers down to the off trail list.  As the summer heats up we see a lot of snakes, wildlife and cameos from old friends.  Congratulations to those that have finished their journey!!!

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Completed Thru Hikes

Spencer King – Completed his thru hike.  Started February 20th.

Early_Riser_71 – Completed his thru hike.  Started February 16th.

Bill McGovern – Completed his thru hike.  Started March 4th.

Bethany Varner – Completed her thru hike.  Started early March.

Steve Pekarskiy – Completed his thru hike.  Started mid/late February.

BrianSal93 – Completed his thru hike.  Started mid February.


Currently on the Trail

Greeter’s 2017 Thru-Hike – Made it to Katahdin.  Flip Flop hiker.  Started late March.

Saratoga on the AT 2017 – Made it to Monson, ME.  Started late February.

Meg Greenlee – Made it to Bald Pate Mountain, ME.  SOBO.  Started late June.

reddmage – Made it to Crawford Notch.  Started early February.

Hop Along Johnny – Past Great Barrington, MA.  Started early March.

ChrisHikesTheAT – Made it to Great Barrington, MA.  Started late February.

Larry McCoy – Made it past the Dover Oak and into MA.  Not sure when he started.

Joel Wanders – Made it to West Mountain Shelter.  Flip Flop hiker.  Started March 16th from Hot Springs, NC.

scottman187 – Comment on his last video puts him in Fort Montgomery, NY.  Started February 26th.

Matt Radford – Made it past Bear Mountain (on bridge).  Started March 5th.

Appalachian Trail Tales – Made it to Warwick, NY.  Started March 22nd.

twotentsdown – Made it to Knife Edge near Palmerton, PA.  Started late March.

Crazy Tree – Made it to 501 shelter.  Started February 4th.

ChrisGoesOutdoors – Made it to Peters Mountain shelter.  Started early April.

Walking with Mountain Goat (Joshua Lindsey) – Made it to Duncannon, PA.  Started early March.

Jay’s on the Trail – Made it to the Halfway Point.  Started mid March.

Yay Adventures – Made it to Carlisle, VA.  Started late March.

adventure frog – Made it to the Mason Dixon line.  Started mid March.

Growler on the AT / Walking Toward Paradise – Made it to Harpers Ferry.  Started mid March.

JourneyBerg – Made it to Bears Den Hostel.  Started late March.

Jaybelle and M – Made it to Luray, VA. Started March 1st.

The Blackalachian – Jumping snakes on the trail close to Pinefield Gap shelter.  Started mid April.

11Series Hiking – Made it to Waynesboro, VA.  Started mid March.

Roaming Gnome – Made it to the 1/4 way sign.  Started March 13th.

Graham’s GA•ME – Made it to Daleville, VA.  Started March 17th.

Tin Cup Outdoors – Made it past Pearisburg, VA.  Started early March.

Gin·Gin Amelia Klos – Chestnut Ridge, VA.  Started April 4th.

Carissa Murillo – Made it to Laurel Fork Falls.  Started mid/late April.


Hikers that are no longer on the trail

MTMike – Made it to Franklin, NC.  Started early March.

Big Red On The Road – Made it to Winding Stair Gap.  Started February 20th.  Has not posted in 2 months.

Broken Arrow – Made it to Neels Gap.  Started mid/late February.  Has not posted in 2 months.

Gary Hikes – Made it to Neels Gap.  Started mid March.

Moose on the Trail – Made it to Neels Gap.  Started mid March.

Kiwi Wandering USA – Made it to Jennings Creek in VA.  Started January 29th.

Hiker Feet – Made it to Hot Springs.  Started February 25th.

2floridasoles – Made it past Tri-corner Knob Shelter.  Started March 8th.

The Wild Wild Walkz Inc. – Made it on the roller coaster at the VA-WVA border.  Started mid January.

Steve Walker – Made it past Wildcat Shelter.  Flip-flop hiker.  Started April 1st from Shenandoah National Park.

Weather Girl Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker 2017 – Made it to Burkes Garden, VA.  Started early/mid March.

Lawrence Wild – Made it to Harper Ferry.  Started March 6th.

Kenji Takes a Hike – Made it to Buchanan, VA.  Started late February.

Jennifer Giddens – Crossed the 556 mile mark.  Started late March.

tim t – Made it to Marion, VA.  Started February 26th.

Goin’ Walkabout – Made it to Marion, VA.  Started February 20th.

Michael Thorpe Hugs – Made it to McAfee Knob.  Started mid/late February.

Tylers ATHike – Made it to Grayson Highlands.  Started early March.

Coys gonewalkabout – Made it to Grassy Bald.  Started early/mid March.

Th3 Amat3urs – Made it to Pearisburg.  Started February 19th.

Nerdhiker – Made it past Grayson Highlands.  Started March 25th.

White Blazed – Made it to Erwin.  Started late March.

Jim McNelis – Made it to mile 620.  Started early March.

Dirtbag Adventures – Made it into the Smokies. Started late February.

Trail Chasing Tales – Made it into the Smokies.  Started early/mid March.

Taylor Carter – Made it to Standing Bear Farm.  Started March 5th.

Eddie Cerrone – Made it to Fontana Dam.  Started March 15th.

Tom Willard – Made it to Fontana Dam.  Started early April.

Mid-Life Hikers – Made it to Dick’s Creek.  Started mid March.

marymk94 – Plans to get back on the trail and flip flop.  Started early March.

BR Up The Trail – Made it to Salisbury, CT.  Started March 24th.


Special thank you to Loner2012AT for supplying the thumbnail image for the YouTube video.

Happy hiking until the next update!

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