Appalachian Trail Thru Hikers August 2016

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Check out the August update below!

We have more NOBOs completing the trail this month.  SOBOs are touring the New England states.  Some hikers we have not heard from in a while have posted videos.  I moved a lot of hikers who had not posted in a while to the no longer on the trail section.

Completed Thru Hikes

The Real Hiking Viking –  SOBO winter hike.

Ryan Johnson –  Started February 27th.  Finished July 1st.

Alpenglow –  Started March 17th.  Finished July 5th.

Follow Bigfoot – Started late April and finished in 100 days as planned.

Jacob Downing – Started February 27th.  Finished August 3rd.

Josh –  Started mid March.  Finished mid August?


Currently on the Trail

Janel Healy – Trail location:  Crossed the Kennebec River.  Started early May.  Flip flopper that started in Shenandoah National Park.

Michael Bard – SOBO.  Trail location:  Stratton, ME.  Started early July.

Mitch Lenington – Trail location: Stratton, ME.  Started late February.

UnderWanderingStars – SOBO.  Trail location:  Mount Washington.  Started early June.

Glenn and Virginia Mencer – Trail location:  Franconia Ridge.  Started mid April.  Flip Flop Hikers.

Craig M – Trail location: Entering the White Mountains. Started early March.

coleregulates – SOBO.  Trail location:  Hanover, NH.  Started early July.

Simon and Sarah Hewitt – Trail location:  Manchester, VT.  Started mid April.

Alan Craig –   Trail location:  Hiked into Williamstown, MA.  Started early April.

Yamaneko Hikes –   Trail location:  Mount Everett, MA.  Started early April.

Harper’s Tarry – Trail location:  Mount Easter, CT.  Started mid April.

Chris Berry – Trail location:  Pennsylvania and the Mason-Dixon Line.  Started late April.

Not From Around Here – Trail location:  Cosby Knob Shelter in the Smokies.  Started late April.

Hikers that are no longer on the trail

Jeb 11BWanderer – Made it to Cheoah Bald.

Roy Kline – Made it to Plumorchard Gap Shelter.

New2theWild – Made it to Dicks Creek Gap.

Casey Cazeaux – Made it to the NOC.

Riley’s Retirement-Road – Made it into NC.

Cindy Jane – Made it to Tesnatee Gap.

Fred Beck – Made it to Erwin, TN.

David Smith – Made it to mile 635.

Phollowing Phil –  Made it around 600 miles.  Left to pursue a job and missionary opportunities.

Rooster AT Hike –  Made it to Damascus, VA.

Walking North – Made it to Stecoah Gap.

Leland Kolson – Made it to the GA\NC state line.

ccvanoor4542 – Made it to the GA/NC state line.

Joey and Meg – Made it to Neels Gap.

John Dolores – Made it to McAfees Knob.  A link to his blog is HERE

Highlander58 – Made it to Kent, CT.  Posted a video about why his thru hike is over.

Steve Walker – Made it into Shenandoah National Park.  Left us with his backstory and an emotional farewell from the trail, for now.

Hike & Tell – Made it to Punchbowl Shelter.

SamBunnell – Made it to Boiling Springs, PA.

Steven Lesage –  Made it to the 1,000 mile mark.

Robbie Watts – Made it to Marion, VA.  Just posted a video of the Connecticut section.

Carl Graves – Made it near Mount Rogers.

Paul Wetzel – Made it to Hot Springs.

Kala Jennings – Made it just past Beauty Spot.

gone 2b wild – Made it past Standing Bear Hostel.

Michael Scibelli – Made it through the Smokies.

TheChippyskut – Made it near the VA line.

Madelyn Ferguson – Made it just past Damascus, VA.

Daniel Schooley – Made it into VA.

Sean Alexander – Made it past McAfee Knob.

Shutterbug ontheAT – Made it to Tinker Cliffs.

Smilin’ Don’s AT Thru-Hike 2016 – Knee issues forced him off the trail.  Made it to Reeds Gap.

wolvraid37np – Made it to Buena Vista, VA.

Eric Lutz – He is posting video from earlier.  Made it to the Shenandoahs.

Benjamin Moster – Made it to Front Royal, VA.

Josiah Gummeson – Made it to Pen Mar County Park.

Tom Willard – Made it to the Pochuck Boardwalk.  After starting at Springer and hiking to Franklin, NC he flip flopped to Harpers Ferry.

Greg Gardner – Made it into Connecticut after starting in Harpers Ferry.

Tonic of Life – SOBO.  Decided to go home due to family matters.  Made it over the Kennebec River.


Special thank you to Loner2012AT for supplying the thumbnail image for the YouTube video.

Happy hiking until the September update!

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