Appalachian Trail 2016 Thru Hikers April Update

We are back and ready for the hiker bubbles!  We have scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you new hiker channels with this update.  We split this update between hikers that are on the trail and those that are no longer on the trail.  If you don’t see a channel that was listed in previous updates it is because they have not posted from the trail yet.  When they do we will be sure to put them on the map.  Speaking of maps, check out the bubble in and around Damascus, VA.

AT 2016 April blog map11AT 2016 April blog map22AT 2016 April blog map3

Currently on the Trail

Ryan Johnson –   Trail location:  Daleville, VA.  Started late February.

John Dolores – Trail location:  In Pearisburg, VA healing some blisters.  Started mid February.  A link to his blog is HERE

Rooster AT Hike –   Trail location: Made it to Damascus, VA.  Started mid February.

Jacob Downing – Trail location:  Damascus, VA.  Started late February.  Came down with the Norovirus in March.

NEW Mitch Lenington – Trail location:  Damascus, VA.  Started late February.  Hiking with Jacob Downing.

Robbie Watts –  Trail location:  Damascus, VA.  Started late February.

Fred Beck – Trail location:  Erwin, TN.  Started later in February.

NEW Craig M – Trail location:  Just before Erwin, TN.  Started early March.

Paul Wetzel – Trail location:  Hot Springs, NC.  Started late February.

NEW  Alpenglow – Trail location:  Hot Springs, NC.  Started mid March.

NEW Steve Walker – Trail location:  Groundhog Creek Shelter.  Started early March.

NEW SamBunnell – Trail location:  Standing Bear Farm.  Started mid March.

Steven Lesage – Trail location:  Gatlinburg.  Started early March.

NEW David Smith – Trail location:  Fontana Village.  Started mid March.

NEW Josiah Gummeson – Trail location:  Fontana Dam.  Started late March.

NEW Walking North – Trail location:  Stecoah Gap.  Started late February.

NEW Madelyn Ferguson – Trail location:  NOC.  Started mid March.

Michael Scibelli – Trail location:  NOC.  Started mid March.

Highlander58 –  Trail location:  Carvers Gap, NC.  Started early March.

Leland Kolson – Trail location:  GA/NC state line.  Started early March.

NEW ccvanoor4542 – Trail location:  Just before the GA/NC state line.  Started early April.

Kala Jennings – Trail location:  Tray Mountain Shelter. Started early April.

NEW Hike & Tell – Trail location:  Neels Gap.  Staying at Blood Mountain Lodge.  Started early April.

NEW Shutterbug ontheAT – Trail location:  Neels Gap.  Started late March.

NEW Joey and Meg – Trail location:  Made it over Blood Mountain.  Started mid March.  Taking a zero in Blairsville, GA.

NEW  Sean Alexander – Trail location:  Unicoi Gap.  Started early April.


The Real Hiking Viking – SOBO winter hike. Trail location:  Southern VA.  He has started running into some of the first NOBO bubbles as he closes in on his last few states.


Hikers that are no longer on the trail 

Jeb 11BWanderer – Made it to Cheoah Bald.

Roy Kline –  Made it to Plumorchard Gap Shelter.

New2theWild –   Made it to Dicks Creek Gap.  Is he still in Ashville?  Will he be back?

Casey Cazeaux –   Made it to the NOC.

Riley’s Retirement-Road – Made it into NC.

NEW Carl Graves – Trail location: Watauga Lake.  He is off the trail for scheduled medical testing and will return.  Started mid February.

Eric Lutz – Trail location: Standing Bear Farm.  Started late February.  His brother passed away so he is off trail and expects to return.

Cindy Jane – Trail location:  Neel Gap.  Started early March.  Is hoping to get back on the trail once her knee injury is better.

Special thank you to Loner2012AT for supplying the thumbnail image for the YouTube video. If you want to see how to vlog your AT hike, check out his channel.

Be sure to check back in May . . .

11 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2016 Thru Hikers April Update

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  1. couple of today (April 16) updates: Madelyn Ferguson left the trail, but her husband is still hiking. She’s taking care of hip and knee issues. Craig M just reached Damascus, and I believe Highlander 58 is farther north than you have him now.


      1. An even newer update. 🙂 Highlander58 jsut uploaded his latest video and he and Riser have made it to Damascus and will 0 there. That’s as of yesterday. His video was released today.


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