Appalachian Trail 2016 Thru Hikers March Update

AT 2016 March blog map1

AT 2016 March blog map2

Currently on the Trail

In these videos you will see that those on the trail in late February were treated to strong storms with rain & snow.  Early March brought more snow to the trail.  Trees have fallen on shelters, fellow hikers have come down with the Noro virus and trail magic abounds.

New2theWild – Last video was from Unicoi to Dicks Creek.  He is currently hanging out in Asheville.  Trail location: Dicks Creek Gap.

Jeb 11BWanderer – He hasn’t posted a video in a few weeks.  Is he still on the trail?  Trail location: Last posted from Cheoah Bald.

John Dolores – Started mid February.  A link to his blog is HERE where he updates more regularly than YouTube.  Trail location:  Visited Shuckstack Fire Tower.

Rooster AT Hike – Posted a couple videos on the trail.  One from Rock Gap Shelter that showed two trees fallen on the structure narrowly missing the hikers inside.  Trail location: Deep Gap Shelter.

Fred Beck – Signed in with his wife at Amicalola Falls in late February as hikers 117 & 118.  Last year at the same time he was hiker 40.  Triple the number!!!  Posted numerous videos from the trail.  Trail location:  Wayah Bald.

Ryan Johnson – Started the trail at the end of February just after some storms moved through the area.  The first few days on the trail he stayed at campsites instead of shelters .  He ran into snow late in his first week.  You are treated to some stellar overlooks in the videos he has uploaded.  He is putting up some big miles so far.  Trail location:  Newfound Gap.

Casey Cazeaux – Started late February.  He has posted a couple videos from the trail and one from a zero day pizza eating contest.  He is hiking with a group of fellow thru hikers.  Trail location:  Dicks Creek Gap.

R. Menard – He is on the trail and appeared in a Casey Cazeaux video.  His channel has videos up about preparation and gear but no trail updates yet.

Jacob Downing – Started late February.  He has posted videos from the first 13 days on the trail.  Trail location:  Just past the NOC.

Robbie Watts – Started late February.  He has posted a couple videos so far.  Jacob Downing appears in one of his videos.  Trail location:  Albert Mountain.

Paul Wetzel – Started late February.  Posted a video on trail from Blue Mountain.  Trail location:  Blue Mountain Shelter.

Highlander58 – Started early March.  He has posted a couple videos from the start of his hike at Amicalola Falls and his last location at Blood Mountain cabins.  He hiked through snow and received some timely trail magic.  Trail location:  Neels Gap.

Riley’s Retirement-Road – Started early March.  He is pretty pumped in his videos from the trail.  Trail location:  Dicks Creek Gap.

Steven Lesage – Started early March. Posted a few videos from the trail.  Trail location:  Tray Mountain.

Roy Kline – Started late February.  He has uploaded a dozen videos from the trail. He has ran into other YouTubers on the trail.  Trail location: Deep Gap Shelter.

Eric Lutz – Started late February. Posted his first video from the trail.  Springer to Neels Gap.  Trail location: Neels Gap.

Cindy Jane – Started early March.  She posted a video from the first day on the trail.  Trail location:  Springer Mountain.

The Real Hiking Viking – SOBO winter hike. Trail location:  PA.

New Channels in this Update

Ben Mitchell – Starting the end of February.  He has a gear video up.

Follow Bigfoot  (aka Rory Anderson) – He has 100 days to hike the entire AT.  Will he make it?  He has posted some videos about gear and common questions.

Rich Wilson – Starting mid-March.  Has a gear videos and training videos up.

ccvanoor4542’s channel – Starting early April. He has a three part gear video up.

Updates to Channels Previously Listed

Turtle in the Woods – Will he make it back on the trail soon?

Michael Scibelli – NOBO starting early March. Videos posted from a winter hike and getting comfortable with his phone/camera.

FutureAThiker 72 – Posted additional music he will be listening to on his hike.

Zac Abernathy – Starting mid/late February. He has a gear video and pre-hike video up.

Josh Smith– Starting late February. He has a pre-hike video, gear video and food video up.

Leland Kolson – Starting early March. He has a few videos up prior to starting the trail.

Littlefoot On the trail – He did not mention a start date.  He has a couple pre-hike videos up.

Kala Jennings – She put up a gear and footwear video. No start date mentioned.

Tom Willard – Starting in May.  He will also be blogging for Appalachian Trials, click HERE for that link.

flatbrokeoutside has also posted a video about YouTube channels that feature AT hikers.

Special thank you to Loner2012AT for supplying the thumbnail image for the YouTube video. If you want to see how to vlog your AT hike, check out his channel.

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