Appalachian Trail 2016 Thru Hikers

For baseball fans spring brings renewal and hope for a new season.  After a short break to acknowledge winter, we see the players reappear to prepare for the game.  Much the same with thru hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT).  We followed last year’s thru hikers as they made progress on the trail.  We watched their videos and liked their posts until late in the season.  As the calendar is nearing the start of another season we start to see the new crop of thru hikers come onto the scene.

A YouTube search this time of the year usually results in the classic thumbnail picture of gear spread out on a living room floor.  Usually there will be a video of a pre-hike or shakedown hike that allows us a preview of what is in store.  These videos are typically our first introduction to the hiker.  In that same introductory spirit, I present below the pre-AT NOBO Thru Hikers on YouTube of 2016.

Turtle in the Woods – Starting the beginning of February.  He has a gear video and a video with gear changes after a shakedown hike.

Rooster AT Hike – Northbound (NOBO) starting mid-February.  He has a prep hike video up talking about his hike.  Rooster was in the Army and that comes through in his vlogging style.

John Dolores – NOBO starting mid to late February.  He has a gear video up.

Ryan Johnson – NOBO starting the end of February.  He has a couple gear videos up and has already make some tweaks to his gear.

Casey Cazeaux – NOBO starting the end of February.  Follow him on Instagram @caseycazeaux

Roy Kline – Starting February/March.  He has a handful of pre-hike videos up.  Just don’t ask for any weights on his gear.

Steven Lesage – Starting early March.  He is raising money and awareness for Carry the Fallen during his hike.

Riley’s Retirement-Road – NOBO starting early March.  He has 5 pre-hike videos on his channel.

Highlander58 – Starting in March.  He has quite a few pre-hike videos on the AT on his channel.

Cindy Jane – Sounds like she will be starting in March.  She has a gear video on her channel.

Michael Scibelli – NOBO starting early March.  He has a gear video up.

FutureAThiker 72 -He has gear videos up showing the gear he will be using.

Will any of these prospective hikers join the pantheon of recognized YouTubers that have gone before them?  Names like FM Hikes, Loner2012AT, Joe Brewer, Keith Foskett, Redbeard, Gator Miller, Marwi on the Trail & Between the Blazes.  Only time will tell.  Look for additional posts about the progress of this year’s crop as hiking season gets into full swing.

Special recognition to The Real Hiking Viking who is currently on a winter southbound hike of the AT.  You can follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

As always you can follow our adventures on our YouTube channel.





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